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Golden Concord Holdings Limited ("GCL") is an integrated energy group that specialises in clean and new energy. GCL is China's leading non-state- owned green energy holdings company and world leading photovoltaic material & solar module manufacturer.

Since found in 1990, GCL has been committed to "bringing green power to life" by providing outstanding energy and services.

GCL has branched into the energy storage market with their product GCL E-KwBe in order for you to optimise your residential solar energy system with E-KwBe’s lithium-ion battery.



Since its foundation in 1947, LG Chem has served as Korea’s representative chemical company, contributing to the development of the national economy and the enhancement of the quality of life through continuous technological development, new product introduction, and quality innovation based on its stable growth.

In 1999, LG Chem succeeded in developing a lithium-ion battery for the first time in Korea. Since then, It has continued to increase its sales volume in the battery market based on its competitive technologies and innovative product development.

LG Chem RESU 6.4EX

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