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Solar Power in WA

When looking to make the most of your rooftop real estate, solar energy system is your best investment decision. In the populous state of Western Australia., there are many possibilities for harnessing solar power. The feed-in tariff rates are different across the state. The rate applicable for regional Western Australia. is 6 to 8 cents/kWh. Also, the government provides many rebates and reductions for the properties installing solar power in WA.
Upon installation, you’ll get rebates in the form of Small Technology Certificates (STC). One STC is given for every Megawatt of solar energy produced for the next 14 years. Apart from this, you’ll get reduction in units that you will purchase from the grid. Under Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme, the government will pay you for the excess units produced but not consumed on your property.
At Passion Solars, we ensure that you receive all the rebates and benefits on your solar installation in Western Australia.. We have partnered with the most trusted international brands for the solar components used in every type of installation. With our unique low-price guarantee, we assure you the most effective results and massive cost savings in your energy bills.
We have a team of passionate installers who will visit your property to assess your solar energy needs. Accordingly, we provide customized solutions sufficing the same. We can offer highly flexible clean energy options to the homes and businesses in Western Australia..
Passion Solars is your one-stop provider of solar power in WA. We offer comprehensive services including assessment, custom design, financing, warranties, installation, repairs, and maintenance of your solar power systems. Our competitive solar packages are the best in the industry. Quality and affordability are the forte of our services.
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